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At La-Vogue Schools, we believe the child has one intuitive aim: Self Development


I can do it! I will make it! Even if I fail, I will give it another try!! Let these words be in your heart and proceed from your mouth always. You’re what you think you are! Good evening, pray God granted you all a blissful fruitful weekend.

I’m here again to boost your moral. I’ve learnt one thing in life, if you’re not able to encourage yourself, you would weep per your past unsuccessful life. You would always reflect on your mistakes and failure. I came to educate you on how to build yourself up. Most times in life, we go through the ups and downs and can’t find a better place that suits us, we give up on life. Who told you you can’t do anything in life? The fact that you attempted something and you failed doesn’t mean life has ended for you. Life ends only when you’re dead. There are so many good things in you. The fact that you can’t bring them out doesn’t mean let it die in your heart.

Psyche yourself and have positive attitude towards your plans in life. You were not born to fail. The fact that you’re not able to reach where you wished doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goals. All you need to do is to have a positive mindset. Develop the ”I can do Spirit”. Once you’re not dead, give it another try, keep going with head raised up!. You would get there. When things are not going as expected, don’t worry yourself weeping, complaining and blaming. Just be bold and say to yourself , I can do it!!. Have that spirit in you. If nobody is willing to encourage you and support you, don’t be bothered. Have that inner joy that it’s possible. You will make it. Let the challenges come, let the troubles arise, let the pain have it’s way, but have the confidence to move on in life.

Forget about the past. Only take the lessons in it so you don’t repeat those mistakes. Never allow your past life to affect you. Just learn from it and apply it to your present life. It will shape your future. You can do it! Be strong and courageous! You’re the architect of your own life. Don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s possible. Truly, you’re a great person. You have great potentials in you. You carry great vision in life. You’re capable! You’re able! Stop frustrating yourself. Always say to yourself, ” I can do it!!”. May the Almighty God direct your path and order your steps. See you at the top.

Written By: Enujioke Chukudi (Principal, La-Vogue High School)

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